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We use ONLY THE BEST materials available.
(Why settle for less?)

Goretex Tenara is the only thread guaranteed to last the life of the product. Goretex Tenara totally eliminates the need for restitching and the Gore Company will pay for restitching if it is ever needed. Goretex Tenara sewing thread offers the highest UV resistance of any thread in the world. It is made from a unique polymer that withstands UV sunlight and aggressive cleaning chemicals. When function, longevity, and aesthetics matter most, choose Goretex Tenara thread.

Weblon Regatta Yacht Fabrics

For all pleasure craft, power or sail, Weblon Regatta Yacht Fabrics provide the best answer for fabric covers such as Biminis, convertible tops, dodgers, enclosures and protective covers of all types. Weblon Regatta provides a Rain-Kleen™ Finish on the weather side making it easy to clean. It is highly age, stain and fade resistant. Weblon is waterproof (except at stitch holes), and mildew and flame resistant. Weblon comes with a five year limited warranty.


Sunbrella acrylic canvas remains the finest woven cover fabric available. Sunbrella canvas maintains it's color and appearance, and is the longest lasting marine fabric on the market. Sunbrella marine canvas has a five year warranty.


The exemplary lightness and flexibility of the STAMOID Marine Fabric are two properties that are particularly appreciated by yachtsmen. One person on his own can easily fold a mooring awning and store it away in an extremely small space. Exposed to the elements over long periods, these composite textiles have demonstrated greater durability than conventional naval textiles. With regular maintenance, they retain both their original finish and their flexibility.


Outdura™ Trio, a durable acrylic canvas that is both breathable and waterproof. Like the original Outdura, this revolutionary new product is a strong, vibrantly colored outdoor fabric that resists UV damage and fading. A number of outdoor fabrics are both breathable and water-resistant but Outdura™ Trio is the only outdoor fabric that is both breathable and waterproof.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is produced by the makers of Strataglass - the now famous scratch-resistant, UV blocking coated vinyl - Crystal Clear 20/20 is the largest, clearest, most consistent "regular" vinyl ever produced. Produced using the same painstaking process as Strataglass, the superiority of Crystal Clear 20/20 is immediately obvious to the eye… no hazy blueness, no fish-eye, no dimples, no distortions.


The protective coating on Strataglass is uniquely resistant to today's harsh environment. Industrial fallout - power, steel, chemical, paper, plants, jet exhaust and acid rain - are realities anywhere on our waterfront. The Strataglass coating prevents these elements from leaching into the vinyl. The results of leaching can be spotting, hazing, "orange" corners, and gray lines in the vinyl, to name a few. Strataglass resists these elements to give you a cleaner, longer life expectancy for your vinyl.


Decor UV, by RIRI, is a zipper resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays and covered by a 5-year warranty.

Heavy duty construction, uniform engineering, and adherence to the strictest specifications have made DOT fasteners the number one choice of the world's leading marine and industrial product manufacturers. From the high seas to the high tech laboratory to the high speed assembly line, DOT fasteners perform consistently.